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All About Axis12

Who We Are

Founded in 2010, Axis12 is a digital development agency based in Islington, London. Built of talented developers, UX designers, QA specialists, project managers and digital strategists. Collaborating to design, build, develop and manage data, processes and services.

What We Do

Axis12 work on innovative and diverse projects. Advising and supporting our clients on digital first strategy and solutions. From high-end websites incorporating UX, design, and development. Through to technical applications which manipulate and analyse large data sets.

Our team also provide many of our clients with 24/7 support. From general ad-hoc support through to specification, design, development, testing, and release.

How We Do It

Open-Source Technology

In the majority of our projects we use open source technology (our favourite is Drupal). Our developers are very active in the Drupal Community. We are also an associate member of the Drupal Organisation.

Our team have built many popular modules for Drupal. From an advanced search using the latest Solr technology to a hosted Intranet solution.

Open source offers an affordable and flexible solution for many of our clients. With benefits in security, quality, customisation, interoperability and freedom from vendor lock in. ​This makes it the perfect solution for the enterprise level businesses we work with.

Microsoft Partnership

We are proud to have been a Microsoft Partner since 2014. Integrating with many Microsoft Office 365 applications (SharePoint, Azure, OneDrive, Teams, One Note). We were also invited by Microsoft to be one of the first to integrate with One Note for schools.

Project Management

Our project management method of choice is Agile (Scrum). Working in sprints gives us the flexibility to react to any changes. Whilst keeping progress open and transparent for our clients.

We also have experience of working within a more structured Waterfall government structure. We can "wrap" agile sprints within this style of project management if required. This is an approach that has worked well with many of our clients in the public sector.

Our Clients

We work with clients from across many different industries. These include government, education, health, arts & culture, media and property. With the majority of our clients enterprise level businesses.

Our projects span both the public and private sector. With our work in the public sector giving us experience of systems classified as 'Official' (IL2/IL3) for Security.

Find out more about our clients and the projects we’ve led on Our Work page.