A12 Find

Solr powered search for big websites

A12 Find is a cloud-based search service using the latest Solr technologies. Out of the box and designed as a perfect partner for Drupal websites, A12 Find is for those sites that have outgrown Drupal search.

Easy to install, simply download the enterprise search module from Drupal.org and connect easily in just a few minutes.

  • Has search become slugglish owing to traffic or the amount of content on your site?
  • Do you want to search your content in ways you can't right now?
  • Are you losing visitors because of slow or inaccurate search and search suggestions?

Being cloud based, A12 Find grows with you meeting even the most complex search demands. With strong security, A12 Find ensures the safety of your data and the accuracy of searches.

All of this means one thing - your visitors find exactly what they need, fast.

Flexible and affordable

A12 Find is pay as you go so there are no standing fees. You simply pay for the number of searches and the amount of data that is transferred. Put simply, you’ll be surprised at just how little it can cost for world-class search.

With no contract commitment or set-up charges, A12 Find is the perfect step up from Drupal search. Solr search can be expensive and time consuming to design and administer in house, so we make it easy for high-traffic websites to enjoy top-quality search tools.

We even have a 30-day free trial to see if it’s for you.

Service highlights

  • Quick search using Solr 3.6 technology
  • Unlimited index creation
  • Separate development, test and production cores with each index
  • Custom synonym configuration
  • Multi-index management
  • ‘More like this’ recommendations
  • Support for geospatial search
  • Scalability to meet even the greatest demands

A12 Find currently supports Drupal 7. It's as easy as installing the enterprise search module and entering your subscription or free-trial details. You could be up and running in just a few minutes.

Contact us to find out more.