Your website, managed on the cloud

We have implemented a large number of release and deployment processes for client projects ranging from very large, content-heavy Government web portals to highly active financial sites. This level of experience makes us confident that we can help your organisation – either by designing and implementing a new release process, or by troubleshooting existing processes for you.

Our offer

Without a structured and reliable release and configuration management process, managing code releases and changes to the infrastructure can be very time consuming, manual and error prone. We have experience implementing and improving release and configuration management for some of the UK’s largest and most complex Drupal sites.

Our consultancy service is proven to work

Our consultancy has transformed our clients' Drupal platforms from complex, difficult to support and unreliable systems, to large, high-performance platforms where rapid deployment and release of updates and enhancements are managed smoothly and effectively. Your organisation can also benefit from our years of experience in the field, providing highly successful sites that are reliable and effective.

While we have the skills and experience to help you on any aspect of using the Cloud and Drupal, we are well known for our expertise in:

  • Server configuration management using controlled processes and automated tools (Puppet)
  • Release management and automated deployment (Capistrano, Webistrano, Aegir)
  • Code lifecycle maintenance using distributed revision control systems (GIT)
  • Continuous integration best practices
  • Maintaining site resilience, performance and security

Our approach

We address the complexities of Drupal configuration management through a configuration management framework that we designed and engineered using sound, industry-standard practices. We work with our clients to determine an approach which best fits their individual requirements by looking at key variables such as:

  • The size and complexity of the site
  • The size and capability of the development team
  • The availability and technical ability of the onsite deployment lead/release manager
  • The current phase within the development lifecycle
  • Budget and time constraints

Our framework is designed such that it can be adopted in its entirety (for larger and more complex projects/organisations) or partially implemented where otherwise appropriate. The fundamental principles for all applications are the same – code and configuration changes should be repeatable, auditable, reversible and (where appropriate) automated.

Contact us today to find out more about the ways we can help you improve or implement a release and configuration management process. We’re confident our team of experts can give you valuable recommendations and assistance.