Digital Services Framework

The Digital Services Framework, has been developed to give government easy access to suppliers "of all sizes", with digital capabilities to design and build public services. It has been set up by the Government Procurement Service (GPS) and Government Digital Service (GDS). The framework is offered as a managed service to central government departments, allowing GDS and GPS to share experiences across departments and ensure best practice. We are pleased to have been approved to provide services through this innovative framework.

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We offer a wide range of support and troubleshooting services

Our training programme covers all aspects of Drupal training, from introductory courses through to advanced courses. We also offer specialist courses on Solr and Symfony.

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We can provide advice and guidance to you on a wide range of technologies, including Drupal, Solr, Cloud architecture, mobile internet, and the move to open source.

We're the UK's leading specialists in developing large, content-driven sites for corporate and public sector clients, including award winning sites for the UK Government. We have experts available to cover most open-source technology requirements but are particulary focused on LAMP, Drupal, Symfony, Solr, and Mule ESB.

Our enterprise search tool, A12 Find, is a cloud-based search service that uses the latest Solr technology and is highly tuned and pre-configured for Drupal websites.

We provide advice and consultancy to organisations to help them realise their web projects and transform their online presence. Our consultancy includes architecture, scalability, performance, resilience and strategy.

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One of the most important aspects of any website, especially a high traffic one, is your hosting. As a public sector organisation you need reliability and your website needs to be able to cope with the increasing demand in traffic and the content heavy nature of your site.

Our Intranet solution uses a preconfigured Drupal 7 instance that takes seconds to install and runs on the cloud. Our service will have a Drupal site up and running in no time, significantly reducing the development and release time.

Without a structured and reliable release and configuration process, managing code releases and changes to your infrastructure and your websites can not only be time consuming, but overly complex and error prone. A12’s cloud configuration management services cover the width and breadth of Drupal and the cloud.