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About Our Products


Hosted Drupal Intranet

Designed to meet the needs of UK Government organisations. Our hosted Drupal Intranet contains advanced content management features typical of any enterprise CMS. It also deploys in under 10 minutes.

Learn more about how our intranet can be a time and cost-effective solution for your business.

Inspector 365

Are you looking for a fully faceted inspection management programme that can integrate with your current systems, such as your website and Microsoft 365 ecosystem (including Microsoft Teams)?

Find out more about Inspector 365, our complete inspection management programme for the recording and reporting of inspections on an enterprise scale.

Multi-Format Digital Publisher

You don't need different applications and service suppliers to create digital content. Our Digital Publisher includes everything you need. Produce and manage multiple formats of your digital assets from a single XHTML5 file.

Learn how our Digital Publisher can help save you time and money.

Search as a Service

'Search as a Service' is a pre-configured search service. Using the latest Apache Solr search technology to deliver powerful search results.

It is the perfect search solution for larger and more complex websites. Learn how it can improve your sites search functionality.

Teacher Dashboard 365

Created in direct response to teachers’ needs and integrated with Office 365, Teacher Dashboard 365 provides a simple and safe digital solution for schools that takes the admin out of assignments.

From assigning work, to visibility of students’ progression, through to marking, our products are designed to help teachers keep on top of their workload and freeing them up to do what matters most.