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Our products

Our products


Hosted intranet

Our Intranet solution can be deployed under 10 minutes, and provides a fully featured Drupal 7 Intranet out of the box. These features meet all mandatory UK Government requirements with regards to accessibility and security along with advanced content management features typical of any enterprise-grade CMS.

Digital Publisher

Digital Publisher is a complete digital content production and content management solution that comprehensively addresses the challenges organisations face in a changing digital content landscape. It is a business advantage for small, medium and large organisations that wish to leverage the value of their digital assets.

Teacher Dashboard

Teacher Dashboard for Office 365 is a lightweight LMS that simplifies the use of Microsoft Office 365 in the classroom. Its' fully integrated, fully featured and free to use for teachers and students.

Search as a Service

Axis12 'Search as a Service' is a cloud-based search service that uses the latest Apache Solr search technology to deliver powerful search for big websites. It's preconfigured and integration friendly.