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Our products


Hosted intranet

Our Intranet solution can be deployed under 10 minutes, and provides a fully featured Drupal 7 Intranet out of the box. These features meet all mandatory UK Government requirements with regards to accessibility and security along with advanced content management features typical of any enterprise-grade CMS.

Digital Publisher

Digital Publisher is a complete digital content production and content management solution that comprehensively addresses the challenges organisations face in a changing digital content landscape. It is a business advantage for small, medium and large organisations that wish to leverage the value of their digital assets.

Teacher Dashboard 365

Created in direct response to teachers’ feedback and integrated with Office 365, Teacher Dashboard 365 provides a simple and safe digital solution for schools that takes the admin out of assignments.

From assigning work, to visibility of students’ progression, through to marking, our products are designed to help teachers keep on top of their workload and freeing them up to do what matters most.

Search as a Service

Axis12 'Search as a Service' is a cloud-based search service that uses the latest Apache Solr search technology to deliver powerful search for big websites. It's preconfigured and integration friendly.