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Hosted intranet

Hosted intranet - predeployed, preconfigured and fully featured ready to go

Hosted intranet

Our Intranet solution can be deployed under 10 minutes, and provides a fully featured Drupal 7 Intranet out of the box. These features meet all mandatory UK Government requirements with regards to accessibility and security along with advanced content management features typical of any enterprise-grade CMS.

The Drupal distribution provides a core set of user interface elements, functionality and features that can be used as the basis for any Intranet. Resources traditionally directed at licenses, build, and implementation can be directed towards content and customisations. 

The distribution meets the majority of core requirements for government intranets in the base installation, and provides a foundation for more complex requirements requiring enhanced features and customisation.

100% Drupal

Our intranet is a Drupal 7 distribution, a pre-packaged installer with Drupal functional modules and front-end themes, and we have a Drupal 8 in Alpha release. This means that it is easily extensible with any of the 11,000+ Drupal 7 modules or custom modules developed for site-specific functionality. It is 100% open source and adheres to Drupal coding and security standards, providing full control over your installation and management by an internal team or choice of external vendor.

WCAG 2.0 Level AA

To ensure government sites are compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) Level A by 31 December 2012 and WCAG 2.0 AA by 31 December 2014, Our intranet solution is designed and developed based on these standards. 

Our Intranet has been independently audited for WCAG 2.0 AA compliance However please note that accessibility compliance is an on-going process and does not take into account future changes to configuration or content.

Sophisticated workflow

Create customised workflows with built-in permissions from the management console. Customisation includes the moderation of drafts, the ability to review, publish and unpublish, as well as tailor settings for 7 distinct content types.  The workflow retains content from all previous versions of each page which can be retrieved if required.  Pages may be set to publish on a specific date and can be automatically unpublished after a specific date.

Responsive mobile device display

Our intranet allows you to customise the look and feel of your website while implementing best practice in responsive mobile design. It works “out of the box” on desktop, tablet and mobile platforms so there’s no need to create and update distinct versions: the base themes for customising your site are responsive design ready.

Pre-populated sample content

Users have the option to install example content that assists users to evaluate how a full intranet site should look. It's then a simple matter of replacing example content, or removing it completely to publish your own content.

Media room

Customise your approach to the media and announce important information to your audience from the built-in Media Room. Here, you can display press releases, images and other important downloadable files for distribution. 

Publication management

Our intranet provides a publications section where your organisation can house and make available policy advice, white papers, matters of public administration and other publicly released documentation as attached files or native HTML.

Event management 

Also included is built-in functionality for customising, listing and promoting upcoming events. 


This out of the box solution encompasses a full keyword search with Drupal 7's built in search engine. You can easily extend the intranet to integrate with federated search engines such as Apache Solr, Google Search Appliance and Funnelback. Axis12 have a ready to integrate SaaS Solr service called A12 Find that can be included into your subscription free of charge on request

RSS feeds

Create customised and aggregated content updates to interested website visitors and other websites with built-in RSS feeds.

XML sitemap

Decide exactly what to list on the XML sitemap and sync this with Google Webmaster Tools, providing enhanced search results and search engine optimisation.

Rich content editing

Apply WYSIWYG formatting to content, including inserting inline images, videos and cut & paste directly from Microsoft Word.

Drag and drop layouts

Includes the Panels module that allows users to create and manage customisable landing pages with drag and drop layouts.

Asset management

The use of Drupal's Media module provides a searchable asset library, allowing users to upload and re-use images and files throughout their website.

Configurable content and custom pages

Change and update anything and everything on the site, including terms & conditions, accessibility, contact details and copyright notices.  Easily change navigation structures and add new sections with just a few clicks.

Content tagging

Contains Drupal’s powerful Taxonomy module to define and manage fine-grained content categorisation. Tagging your content ensures it becomes interoperable with other web systems around the world.

Website analytics

Syncronise your website with Google Analytics out of the box, or easily extend with modules for most major analytics systems.

Search engine optimised

Create and set customised urls paths, create custom page titles, update sitemap.xml and include specific keyworded site content and the site is immediately optimised for search engines.

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