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Hosted Drupal Intranet

Save time and money with our fully featured hosted intranet 


We designed our hosted intranet to meet the needs of UK Government organisations. Compliant with all the requirements for accessibility and security. Our solution contains advanced content management features typical of any enterprise CMS. 

With a drag and drop layout, editing is simple, and it is mobile responsive. Our solution offers many elements as standard. Such as a personalised homepage, publications, RSS feeds, news and events. But our team can also personalise the workflow if required. 


Built in Drupal
Built in Drupal 8 our Intranet solution contains functional modules and front-end themes. Deploy your intranet in under 10 minutes thanks to its pre-packaged installer.

Drupal is open source, making it a scalable and flexible solution. Installation can be managed by your internal team or your choice of external vendor. Extend your intranets functionality with additional modules. Develop custom modules for specific requirements or use pre-configured Drupal modules.

WCAG 2.0 Level AA
We designed and developed our Hosted Intranet to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Using both WCAG 2.0 Level A (31st December 2012) and WCAG 2.0 AA (31st December 2014) standards.

Our Hosted Intranet has been independently audited for WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. Please note that accessibility compliance is an on-going progress. Our WCAG 2.0AA compliance does not take into account future changes to configuration or content. Learn more about our Accessibility Services.

Sophisticated workflow
Create customised workflows and built-in permissions to manage who has access to create and amend content. Your chosen users can moderate, review, publish and un-publish content. They can also tailor settings for 7 distinct content types.

For peace of mind, all previous versions of a page are retained and can be reinstated if required. Schedule page content to publish or un-publish on dates in the future. A feature especially useful for time sensitive messaging.

Responsive mobile device display
Our Hosted Intranet works out-of-the-box on desktop, tablet and mobile platforms. There's no need to create and update distinct versions. The base themes for customising your site are responsive design ready. Automatically implementing best practice in responsive mobile design.

Pre-populated sample content
Need help in the setup of your Hosted Intranet site? You have the option to install example content that mimics how a full intranet site should look. Replace the example content with your own to keep the structure. Or remove it completely and publish your own content.

Media room
Our Hosted Intranet includes a built-in Media Room. Display press releases, images and other important downloadable files for distribution.

Publication management
Use the Publications section to make available publicly released documentation. House policy advice, white papers, matters of public administration and more. Attach as files or added as native HTML.

Event management
Does your Intranet need to handle events? Use our Events Management section to customise, list and promote upcoming events.

Our Hosted Intranet includes the Drupal 7 full keyword search as standard. If you need a more robust search solution you can extend the intranet with a federated search engine. Apache Solr, Google Search Appliance and Funnelback are all good options.

We can also provide a ready to integrate SaaS Solr service called A12 Find free of charge. Please let us know if you would like to add this service to your subscription.

RSS feeds
Use our built-in RSS feeds to create customised content updates.

XML sitemap
Customise your XML sitemap to only include the relevant elements. Sync with Google Webmaster Tools to enhance your Intranet search results and SEO.

Rich content editing
Use WYSIWYG formatting for rich content editing. Insert inline images, videos, bullet points and numbered lists. Directly cut and paste from Microsoft Word to keep original formatting.

Drag and drop layouts
Create and manage customisable landing pages with drag and drop layouts.

Asset management
Upload and re-use images and files through the Intranet. By using the Media module as a searchable asset library.

Configurable content and custom pages
Change and update anything and everything on the site. Amend navigation structures or add new sections with a few clicks.

Content tagging
Use Drupal's powerful Taxonomy module to define and manage fine-grained content categorisation.

Website analytics
Synchronize your website with Google Analytics out-of-the-box. Extend your website analytics with Drupal modules for most major analytics systems.

Search engine optimised
Ensure your site is immediately optimised for search engines with our built-in tools. Create and set customised URL paths and page titles, update the sitemap XML and include specific keyworded site content.

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