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Search as a Service

Deliver powerful search results with 'Search as a Service


Has search become slow owing to high traffic or the amount of content on your site? Do you want to search your content in ways you can't right now? Are you losing visitors because of slow or inaccurate search and search suggestions? 

Designed for complex Drupal sites which have outgrown the standard Drupal search. 'Search as a Service' is a cloud-based search service, which uses the latest Solr technology.  

Built to provide high accuracy in your website searches. Helping your visitors to find what they need with a simple click. 'Search as a Service' also ensures the safety of your data. 


  • Quick search using Solr 8 technology

  • Unlimited index creation 

  • Separate development, test and production cores with each index 

  • Custom synonym configuration 

  • Multi-index management 

  • ‘More like this’ recommendations 

  • Support for geospatial search 

  • Scalability to meet even the greatest demands 

Pay As You Go

With 'Search as a Service' there are no standing fees. You only pay for the number of searches performed and the amount of data transferred. As well as being pay as you go, there is no contractual commitment or set up charges.  

Solr search can be expensive and time consuming to design and administer in house. Using 'Search as a Service' is the perfect alternative to a Solr search if you have outgrown the standard Drupal search. 

We aim to make it easy for high-traffic websites to enjoy top quality search tools. Try our 30-day free trial to see if 'Search as a Service' works for you. 

Get Started

It is easy to install. Visit and download the enterprise search module. It will connect within a few minutes. So, your website can start to meet the most complex search demands. 

Get in Touch

Contact Us to try our 30-day free trial to see if 'Search as a Service' works for you.