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Teacher Dashboard 365

Teacher Dashboard

Teacher Dashboard for Microsoft Office 365

For teachers

We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ way of teaching, and the most important tools give you enough flexibility to keep your students engaged and give you complete visibility over their work.

  • Create and manage assignments
  • View your students’ OneDrive to check their work in progress
  • Create video assessments for evidence based learning*
  • Check submitted work is original with a Plagiarism Checker*
  • Monitor your students’ work in progress by viewing their OneDrives
  • Provide iterative review and feedback of assignments – ‘Learning over time’
  • Export grades and comments to external gradebooks
  • Keep parents informed of progress and attainment


For students

Whatever your level of education, there’s an appropriate workflow to help you stay organised and complete your work on time.

  • All of your assignments in one place
  • Hand in your work with a single click
  • Review feedback through the assessment timeline
  • Quickly access your Office 365 documents
  • Record video responses to assignments*
  • Collaborate with online Questions & Answers
  • Track your homework schedule and due dates
  • Work anywhere, on any device


For administrators

Specialised tools for administrators help you get up and running quickly and keep maintenance to a minimum.

  • No on-site installation required
  • Deploy to the whole school or a limited pilot
  • Automatically synchronise your users from Office365
  • Control teachers’ access to students’ OneDrives
  • Automate class set-up and maintenance with Microsoft’s School Data Sync
  • Automate group population through AAD group sync
  • Delegate administrative tasks across the school
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