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24/7 support

Full service support in a range of flexible plans tailored to your needs

Our service

Axis12 provide support for some of the UK’s most technically challenging and engaging Open Source projects for organisations across a diverse range of sectors.

Our support offering covers specification, design, development, testing, release and general ad-hoc support, and is packaged to deliver sensible, efficient, and cost effective solutions.

Our approach

Our support process is arranged around 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support activities and is designed to provide our clients with the optimum balance of responsiveness to unexpected issues and efficiency and cost-effectiveness of managing 2nd/3rd line support requests.

1st line support

All incoming support requests are triaged by our dedicated support team, who collect as much information and diagnostics about the incident as possible and route the request to the appropriate channel.

Where a support requests does not require development or specialist development personnel, it will be actioned and resolved as quickly as possible in accordance with our support SLAs.

Typical examples of support requests that can be actioned and resolved in 1st line support are:

  • triaging Priority 1 issues and escalating immediately
  • troubleshooting, replication of issues and initial diagnostics
  • account creation/deletion/unblocking
  • content creation and amendments
  • clearing caches
  • restoring backups
  • general enquiries and guidance
  • training

Support requests that cannot be actioned immediately and require development or specialist technical support are moved into the client's 2nd/3rd line support sprint.

2nd and 3rd line support

Support requests that cannot be actioned and resolved by 1st line, are moved into 2nd and 3rd line support queues.

Typical examples of 2nd and 3rd line support requests are:

  • requests that require inspection of the codebase or detailed understanding of module configuration for troubleshooting/analysis purposes
  • requests that require code development and/or module configuration changes
  • requests that need to be actioned by a specialist developer or technical architect.

Before 2nd and 3rd line support tickets are actioned they are first estimated and prioritised with the client and placed in to the client's next 'Support Sprint'.