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Achieving Accessibility Compliance

Achieve accessibility compliance both now and in the future 

Our Approach

Are you struggling to achieve the latest accessibility compliance? Are you unsure how to ensure all your website users can access and utilise your website content? Let our team help you to conform with accessibility compliance both now and in the future. 

We've partnered with Sitemorse who are leaders in digital accessibility. A website and its content are ever changing and evolving. But using Sitemorse enables you to keep on top of your accessibility compliance. With new levels of automation and intelligence you can track and improve content in the most efficient order. 

Our team will create a structured and intuitive accessibility roadmap for you. Ensuring your site complies with the Equality Act 2010 and The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018.  

Our team will work with you and Sitemorse so you achieve and maintain WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility across your digital estate. 

Our Services

Full accessibility audit 
An accessibility audit will help you pinpoint areas where you need to improve to meet current compliance. Our team can complete an audit of your current website and provide you with a report of our findings. We can confirm the areas which need development and put them in order of importance. 

Identification of high priority areas 
It's key when tackling accessibility that you are able to identify the priority level of any work required. Our team can help you to prioritise your workload. We will create a roadmap that lays out any development in order of importance. Helping you to tackle the key areas first. 

Real-time accessibility checking (before publishing) 
It's crucial that the information on your website up to date. This can mean new or updated pages, text, images or documents. With our real-time accessibility checker, you can ensure new content is compliant. Complete checks before publishing, so you know all visible content is compliant. 

Unlimited pages, PDF's office Docs 
Some of the areas where a website fails accessibility compliance is with documents. All our accessibility services are available on all your content. Whether webpages, images or documents such as PDFs and office Docs.    

High-level plan for implementing processes/training/fixes 
Our team will help you to design and implement a high-level plan to ensure your website is compliant. This plan will cover any fixes and process changes required to meet compliance. We will also work with you to train your relevant team members. 

Project management and coordination 
If required we will project manage and coordinate your accessibility compliance project. We are adept in many forms of project management. Our favourite is Agile (Scrum), but we will be happy to work according to the method you choose.  

Ongoing monitoring via the Sitemorse interface 
Accessibility compliance is an on-going process. We will provide access to on-going monitoring via SiteMorse. This approach will allow your team to track your website compliance regularly. Enabling you to make changes when required to stay compliant. 
View of Sitemorse Reporting


Drupal Sitemorse interface and deep workflow integration  
Is your site built on Drupal? We will provide an interface direct to Sitemorse for you. This will allow you to track your website compliance on a regular basis. A deep workflow integration is also available. 

Our Work

We have helped many high-profile organisations with their accessibility compliance. View Our Work to discover more. 

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