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Platform as a Service

Save time and money with our pre-configured platforms 

Our Approach

Are you searching for a time saving out-of-the-box solution? Do you need a cost-effective option to help you manage content or assets? Browse our range of pre-configured, securely hosted and fully supported platforms.  

Our expert team have designed these cost-effective digital solutions with speed in mind. As each platform is pre-configured, setup is minimal. But we can configure the workflow and integration to your needs. 

Our Services

Digital Asset Management 
Want to preserve your digital information long-term? Try our open source Enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAMS) solutions. Driven by policy it is built on the OAIS model (Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System). 

We built this solution to address major storage trust requirements, including: 

It is especially suitable for the storage of archival and records grade assets. But it can store digital assets of any type.  

  • Digital Preservation Archives 

  • Records Management with retention enforcement  

  • Digital Rights Management.  

Create, maintain, publish and broadcast controlled vocabularies including: Thesauruses, Taxonomies and Authority Files. Setup and maintain vocabularies in any language or script. Published vocabularies are automatically synchronized with an application interface when available. 

Manage and deliver e-books to a range of digital content distribution channels including:  

Distribution consists of sending a package to each distribution channel required. This contains ebook files, covers, and ONIX metadata.  

Our preconfigured eDAMS solution is cloud hosted, and ready for use. 

  • Online-retailers 

  • Digital wholesalers 

  • Print on demand vendors 

  • Search engines 

Hosted Intranet 
Deploy our securely hosted and fully featured intranet (based on Drupal 7) in under 10 minutes. This solution contains advanced content management features typical of any enterprise CMS. It is also compliant with all UK Government requirements for accessibility and security.  

With a drag and drop layout, editing is simple, and it is mobile responsive. These are also many elements as standard; personalised homepage, publications, RSS feeds, news and events. But our team can also personalise the workflow if required. 

Online forms builder 
Our pre-configured Online Forms tool can help you to create web forms. Built in Drupal it has all the functionality you need to streamline your data-driven operations.  

Collect, store and manage your information all in one centralised location. Our team will also configure the workflow and integration to your specific needs. 

You can trust us with your digital data gathering requirements. We are ISO 27001 certified, so security is at the heart of what we do. To keep your data safe, we only host our Online Forms Tools in our UK based ISO 27001 certified data centres. This is why many other organisations choose our Online Forms builder. 

GOV.UK online forms 
Need to build and deploy a online form fast? Use our pre-configured framework as a time and cost-effective solution. Our forms adhere to the 10 Government Digital Service (GDS) design principals. This solution is also underpinned by their 18 'Digital by Default' service standards. 

Our solution is idea for Alpha, Beta and Live stages of your product. Whether you choose to use for a single stage or all, you can be secure in knowing you can deploy a new form in minutes. 

Many Government organisations trust us with their digital data gathering requirements. To keep your data safe, we only host our Online Forms Tools in our UK based ISO 27001 certified data centres. 

Productivity suite for Microsoft Office 365 
Manage your organisations OneDrive setup in Office 365 with our Productivity Suite. Team leaders can view and edit files and folders within their team members OneDrive’s. Whether individually, via custom groups or by organisation. 

Users can also collaborate on documents, send work requests and share files and more. Secure hosting up to IL3 is also available. 

Drupal on Demand 
Our team are experts in Drupal and offer Drupal CMS on Demand. We proud to commit to keeping your servers online and secure.     

Our hosting service includes the following as standard:  

Let us support your end-to-end digital strategy with further services. Our team offer consultancy and support including, Architectural consultancy, Drupal application support and MySQL consultancy. Learn more about our Drupal Development or Digital Strategy services. 

  • Access to an Infrastructure expert 24/7/365 for any Severity 1 infrastructure issues  

  • Access to an Infrastructure expert 9am – 5pm for any non-Severity 1 infrastructure issues  

  • Nightly off-site encrypted back-ups of your server to an Amazon S3 instance  

  • Intra-day local MySQL back-ups of your database for quick data restore  

  • Zenoss real-time availability and resource consumption monitoring  

  • Syslog management (Logstash)  

  • Intrusion Detection System (Snort IDS)  

  • Operating system updates (including security and kernel updates)  

  • Security patching  

  • Puppet-managed configuration  

  • Access to our secure ticketing system (Jira) to raise tickets  

  • Standard SLA, 99.9% uptime of server guaranteed (excluding maintenance)  

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