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User Experience (UX) Design

Put your visitors' behaviours at the heart of your website development 

Our Approach

At Axis12 we follow a ‘User Centred’ (UCD) approach to design to ensure your audiences and stakeholders are at the heart of what we design and build.

We've created and built visually stunning, innovative sites for some of the UK’s most high-profile cultural, government and media organisations - including The Tate Museums, The Royal Museums of Greenwich, and The British Film Institute. Visit Our Work to see more examples of the clients we have worked with. 

We can work remotely or onsite, embedded alongside your own specialists or provide a full UX design service. Here are just some of the activities and tasks we can perform for you:

  • Persona and user journey development
  • User workshops
  • Wireframes
  • Clickable prototypes
  • Pixel perfect designs and themes
  • Usability testing, remote testing and eye tracking
  • Development and user testing of information architecture

For more information about our visual design and UX services please contact us.

Our Services

Persona and user journey development 
To design a successful user journey, you need to understand who your customer is. Including their behaviour, motivations and needs. Our team will work with you to develop an understanding of all your user personas. Creating engaging user journeys for each type of customer, led by their motivations. 

User workshops 
User Workshops allow us to test user journeys with real individuals. Our team work with groups of people to gain feedback and insight into their behaviour. These understandings then shape future design and development.  

Using your users' needs and journeys, we will create wireframes for your site. This structure allows us to increase your customer conversion and task-oriented success rates. Our team can also get quick feedback from you on designs before the development phase.


Clickable prototypes 
Creating clickable prototypes allows you to simulate interactions, such as click throughs. Giving you opportunity to experience the look and feel of interactions. Giving us feedback before the development phase. 

Pixel perfect designs and themes 
It's important that your website acts the same across all browser types and devices. Our team works to create pixel perfect designs and themes, so that your site looks consistent. We also ensure it looks as good as your original designs, so there are no surprises. 

Usability testing, remote testing and eye tracking 
Our team will perform several different testing techniques to optimise your site. We will work with real individuals face-to-face and/or remotely to gain feedback at key stages. This feeds into our development process to improve how your site performs for users. 

Development and user testing of information architecture 
Our team use two techniques to help aid us with designing the best architecture for your site. These are Card Sorting and Tree Testing.  

  • Card Sorting 
    During a card sorting session, participants organise topics into categories. This provides the user insights our team need to make informed decisions on the information architecture.
  • Tree Testing 
    We use a simplified text version of your sites structure with tree testing. Stripping away the navigational aids and designs. This approach helps our team to evaluate the find-ability of topics on your site. We then use this data to design the best architecture for your site. 
    tree testing

Our Work

We’ve designed and built visually stunning and innovative sites for a range of high-profile clients. View Our Work to discover more. 

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