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CQC Healthcare Inspections

Providing a flexible inspection report writing application for the Care Quality Commission

The Client

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and social care in England.

They make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care. They also encourage care services to improve.

The Challenge

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) needed to modernise their inspections process. As the style, type and focus of reports can change based on a variety of external factors, the solution needed to be flexible. The structure and fields within reports needed to be quickly and easily updated, without the need for large rounds of development and testing.

As inspections take place throughout the UK including remote locations and whilst travelling, the process needed to be easy for inspectors to follow. The inspection team also needed to be able to access the system and complete reports without internet access.

Due to the complexity of many inspection processes, multiple inspectors often contributed to the same report outcomes. So, it was key that the solution allowed for all comments and revisions to be tracked throughout the workflow without creating data accuracy and management issues.

The tool also needed to integrate with a number of key systems and workflows already in place at the Care Quality Commission.

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The Solution

Our solution was to implement our Inspector 365 product for the Care Quality Commission (CQC), integrating with the internal systems and data collection processes that they already had in place to ensure we fulfilled all their requirements.

Inspector 365 is a complete inspection management programme for the recording and reporting of inspections on an enterprise scale. Our tool creates inspection forms which integrate with internal systems to record and report on inspections (including sharing results on external websites). It is also fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

At the heart of our Inspector 365 tool is a powerful form builder that allowed us to quickly configure the product to CQC’s unique needs. This initial configuration provided the foundation for our team to quickly and easily add new forms, structures and fields, as well as modifying existing forms. An approach that meant we could create and amend forms, without the need for lengthy development as required by their changing report structure.

As well as the setup of the reports, our team also ensured that Inspector 365 integrated into CQC’s workflow and internal approval processes. This included a downstream integration with internal CRM, an Enterprise Service Bus and other internal systems, data collection and reporting processes.

All changes within an inspection are tracked as standard in Inspector 365, ensuring that the comments and revisions of all inspectors related to a report are retained. This approach allowed multiple CQC inspectors to collaborate on a single inspection report and ensure that all comments and revisions were clearly documented.

Inspection data is saved in real-time and synced as and when an internet connection is available. This approach matched the needs of CQC, as it allowed multiple inspectors to work on-the-go and at remote locations, whilst removing the risk of data loss and cases of overwritten data.

We designed Inspector 365 to be used by a diverse workforce with varying levels of technical proficiency. However, as inspectors at CQC needed to use the product on the road it was key that the forms and workflow were as simple as possible. Based on this we completed extensive user testing to ensure that the user interface and data imputing were effortless and fully matched CQC’s inspection workflows.

The end result was an inspection solution which supported a complex and changing inspection process. Modernising the inspection process whilst giving the inspection team the confidence that they could complete reports anywhere, at any time and help care services to improve their offering to the general public.

Client Response

“Beyond their technical expertise and professionalism, Axis12’s unique selling point is their personal approach to service and their commitment to flexibility and accommodation of our needs, even at short notice. Axis12’s Drupal expertise and intelligent solutions make them easy to work with and a safe pair of hands."

- Caroline Milton, Head of Public Digital Services

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Inspector 365 is a complete inspection management programme for the recording and reporting of inspections on an enterprise scale.
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