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Intellectual Property Office

Unifying the Intellectual Property Office's learning and education tools into a single strategic CMS

The Client

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is an official UK government body. They are responsible for intellectual property (IP) rights. This includes patents, designs, trademarks and copyright.

IPO provide training tools for those looking to understand Intellectual Property. These cover how it works and how individuals and businesses can manage and use it. They also help people get the right type of protection for their creation or invention.

The Challenge

IPO was maintaining several learning and education tools. These were on separate platforms and there was little or no unity between them. This approach was becoming difficult and expensive to maintain.

The team wanted to re-platform their learning and education tools. Bringing them under a single strategic CMS. Making it easier for the Communication and Outreach teams to manage content.

This approach would enable the in-house team to be more self-sufficient. It would also support future tool migrations and strategies. Whilst ensuring that the site and content were Government Digital Service (GDS) compliant.

Desktop, Macbook, tablet and iPhone showing pages from Intellectual Property Office's website

The Solution

Our team developed the platform for the Intellectual Property Office in Drupal 8. This setup allowed each tool to continue to provide the same service for customers. Whilst ensuring there would be a consistent look and brand across all the content. It also ensured that all the content would be compliant with AA accessibility.

Using the flexible paragraph types within Drupal 8, the Axis12 team created templates. These allowed us to setup the existing learning tools within the new platform. Whilst providing a framework for the IPO team to create new tools in the future. The most complex tools were fully-fledged e-Learning and progress tracking tools. They needed to track progress, mark results, and issue module completion certificates. They also needed to encompass alternative multi-step journeys.

IPO also wanted the project to build new tools in the scope of the project. The team migrated the current tools first (IP Health Check, IP Equip, IP Tutor, IP Tutor +, IP for Research, Lambeth Toolkit, IAM Guide). The new templates within Drupal 8 were then used to create the new tools (B2B and Finance Toolkits). The team also created branded page templates for the educational information.

The end result is a single branded landing page for all the learning and education tools. Visitors are now able to find all the tools they need from a single location. There is no need to visit different sites for different tools.

The IPO team no longer have the cost and time implications of maintaining multiple sites. They are able to maintain and create learning and education tools from a single CMS. Secure in the knowledge that the end result is consistent, on brand and accessible.

Client Response

“Lovely – thank you so much for all your work on this and the finance tool kit!!  I am really pleased with everything you and the team have provided and the level of service has been phenomenal."

Mike Bastin, Senior External Affairs Manager

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