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Lambeth Council

Helping Lambeth Council offer accessible online services to residents

The Client

Lambeth Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Lambeth. It aims to improve the quality of life for everyone living and working in the borough. Delivering reliable, efficient and cost-effective, quality public services, whilst providing value for money.

The Challenge

Lambeth Council moved to Drupal in late 2013. Launching two new flagship sites in January 2014; and

These sites were initially built by an in-house contractor. Lambeth Council were looking for an external company to perform an audit of both sites. With the aim of optimising, hosting and supporting them in the future.

Lambeth council use their websites to offer accessible services to their residents. So, any work needed to support this aim as well as continue building on these services in the future.

Lambeth Council's website on different devices

The Solution

functional issues. We optimised the performance to ensure they would continue to operate at a high standard. Our team then migrated the sites to our virtual private cloud hosting solution. Situated in our tier 3 ISO 27001 data centre in Kent.

Over the past two years we have continued to support the sites on a day to day basis. To secure optimal performance we also continue to refactor and optimise the code. To ensure that Lambeth Council can continue to build on their online services in the future.

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