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Office for Nuclear Regulation

Delivering Nuclear Material Accountancy for a post-Brexit world

The Client

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) is the safety regulator for the nuclear industry in the UK. Their mission is to provide efficient and effective regulation of the nuclear industry. This includes logging historical and current nuclear material quantities, locations and movement.

The Challenge

The UK undertook nuclear safeguards with the European Commission through Euratom. The UK's departure from the EU meant that the UK would need its own UK State System of Accountancy.

The new system would need to have capability for the Control of Nuclear Material (SSAC). Plus, development of a replacement Safeguards Information Management and Reporting System (SIMRS).

This would enable the Office for Nuclear Regulation to deliver Nuclear Material Accountancy.

The Solution

Our team are working with our strategic partner NAC International. Aiming to deliver the new system for the end of December 2018. This will allow the Office for Nuclear Regulation to meet its international reporting obligations for March 29, 2019.

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