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Office for Nuclear Regulation

Office for Nuclear Regulation

Helping facilitate regulation change in a post-Brexit world

Who is ONR?

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) Safeguards Inspectors and Nuclear Material Accountants need to import, review, analyse, validate and report nuclear material information from UK Duty Holders so that we have a comprehensive accountancy system (including a log of historical and current nuclear material quantities, locations and movement). This will assure that no nuclear material is being diverted from Civil Nuclear purposes.

The problem we solved

The UK currently undertakes nuclear safeguards with the European Commission through Euratom. The UK's departure from the EU meant that the UK would leave Euratom and need to deliver this capability, by means of it's own UK State System of Accountancy for the Control of Nuclear Material (SSAC) including development of a replacement Safeguards Information Management and Reporting System (SIMRS). Without the system ONR would not have been able to effectively deliver Nuclear Material Accountancy.

Together with its strategic partner NAC International, Axis12 are currently delivering the new system for the end of December 2018 in order to allow ONR to meet its international reporting obligations for March 29, 2019.

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