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West Yorkshire Police

Developing public online reporting to increase efficiencies in the Police Force

The Client

West Yorkshire Police is the fourth largest force in England and Wales by number of officers. They are responsible for policing West Yorkshire in England.

They are engaged in operational duties that contribute towards the community safety for the 2.2 million people living in West Yorkshire.

The Challenge

West Yorkshire Police were looking to move away from a legacy website. They needed to replace it with a modern and flexible site built on open source software.

It was crucial that security was at the heart of the new site. Safeguarding sensitive data to ensure that it was never compromised. Whilst protecting the image and reputation of the force.

Desktop, Macbook, tablet and iPhone showing pages from West Yorkshire Police’s Website

The Solution

Our team began the project by identifying the key user journeys. This allowed us to highlight the most important areas of the site. Creating a new information architecture, which we tested using manual investigation and Treejack.

We chose to use Drupal 8 at this core of this project. Introducing a flexible forms solution, which allows visitors to report crimes online. Empowering West Yorkshire Police Force to create their own digital reporting solutions in the future. Using Drupal 8 also enabled us to automate many of the backend systems and processes.

Our team also incorporated intuitive editorial tools. Such as a dynamic taxonomy driven navigation system. This enables editorial staff to categorise pages. This categorisation then dictates where in the menu structure the page will sit. Cutting down on manually editing menu structures.

We also incorporated a content delivery network layer. To ensure resilience and speed in page load as well as other layers of caching.

The end result was a mobile first, user-centric site. Driving accuracy and increased efficiencies throughout the West Yorkshire Police Force.

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