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West Yorkshire Police

West Yorkshire Police

Transforming public/force engagement with digital services


For this Drupal 8 build we completely re-imagined the site in a mobile first, user-centric way.  We incorporated intuitive editorial tools and extensive use of self-help journeys and online reporting mechanisms to drive accuracy and increase efficiencies throughout the Force.


With a legacy website well past its best, we were tasked with building a modern, flexible replacement using open source technologies incorporating multiple safeguards to protect the image and reputation of the force, while ensuring highly sensitive data was never compromised. Working with an external hosting provider also introduced some unusual challenges.


Starting with Drupal 8 at the core, we  automated multiple backend systems and processes and introduced a highly flexible forms solution which the force can now use to create new digital reporting solutions of their own. 

We designed the new site employing our user-centric, responsive design approach. Identifying the key journeys to the most important areas of the site we suggested and a new Information architecture which was extensively tested using cloud based tool Treejack, as well as internally with the client.

A dynamic taxonomy driven navigation system means that editorial staff only have to categorise pages and where they will sit on the site is taken care of automatically.

We incorporated a content delivery network layer to ensure resilience and speed in page load as well as multiple other layers of caching.

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