Open-source training in central London

Whether you have never used Drupal before, or have been using it for a while, we have a training course suited to you.

We've been building and maintaining big websites in Drupal for a long time, so we can pass our expertise and insights on to you. As well as the courses below, we frequently conduct bespoke, open-source training at our clients' request. Our specialisms include Drupal, Solr, Symfony, Office365 and Agile.

For groups and individuals

Our training courses cover the full range of skills, from absolute beginner to seasoned pro.


For groups of three or more, you can choose from any of our standard courses and pick your own date. Take the training at our offices in Islington, London or if you have space in your offices, we can come to you.


If you're on your own, check out the courses below and click through to find out more about the course and fees. Send us an enquiry telling us which course(s) you are interested in and we'll tell you the next available slot.

Training is conducted in our offices in Islington, London, in group sizes restricted to a maximum of 8.

To find out more, send us an enquiry or check out the links below.

Bespoke courses

Need training on specific elements of your Drupal site? Want to increase the technical skill level of your in-house editorial team? We can create a course especially tailored to you.

Short courses

Who is it for?

Course name

What it's all about?


Drupal in a day

A one-day introductory course that covers all the important bits of Drupal, including all the need-to-know topics to get you started.

Intermediate users

Build it with Drupal

A two-day course for those with a basic working knowledge of Drupal that covers the key aspects of building websites in Drupal.

Intermediate users

Drupal theming

A one-day course that focuses on improving the visual design of a Drupal website using themes.

Intermediate users

Administering a Drupal website

A one-day course that will give you the skills to administer and maintain a Drupal website.

Advanced users / PHP developers

Drupal module development

A two-day course for PHP developers to learn more about building robust and safe modules that extend the functionality of Drupal websites.

Advanced users

Cash in with Drupal commerce

A one-day course that will give you the skills to set up and maintain an online shop in Drupal.

Advanced users

Upgrading to Drupal 8

A one-day course that will prepare you for the transition from Drupal 7 to 8.


Longer courses

For those who are looking for an all-in training program for Drupal, we offer combination courses. Combining our individual training courses at the right level, we can get you going on Drupal in no time.

Who is it for?

Course name

What's it all about?


Beginner bootcamp

This three-day course blends our 'Drupal in a day' and 'Build it with Drupal' courses to give you the skills to get up and running on Drupal, quickly.

Intermediate users

Drupal masterclass

This four-day course combines the 'Build it with Drupal', 'Drupal theming' and the 'Administering a Drupal website' courses and will give you the skills to confidently manage a Drupal website.

Advanced users / PHP developers

Drupal Pro

This four-day course is designed for PHP developers and combines our 'Build it with Drupal' and 'Module development' courses to give you the skills you need to build advanced modules and great Drupal websites.