Teacher Dashboard for Office365

Designed for teachers... by teachers

Teacher Dashboard for Office365 is a flexible online portal that enables teachers to manage all of their students' OneDrive folders in a single, real-time view.

  • A real-time view of all students' OneDrives, organised by School, Class and custom 'Teacher-defined' Groups
  • A bird’s-eye view of each student’s activity in OneDrive/Office365
  • Track student activity and engagement at a glance
  • See all students' completed assignments in one simple view
  • Open student folders directly from the dashboard
  • Automatically create homework folders when deploying files
  • Assign homework to individuals, groups or the whole class with a single click
  • Share documents with individuals, groups or everyone
  • Create custom groups within each subject area, or across the whole class
  • Powerful filters, searches and aggregated views
  • Watch a demonstration of the key features in Teacher Dashboard for Office365.