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Tate Museums

Building a scalable foundation for the Tate Group websites

The Client

The Tate contains four art museums. These house the UK's national collection of British and international modern and contemporary art. Its mission is to increase the public’s enjoyment and understanding of British art.

The Challenge

The Tate Museums needed to update their existing hosting to support a new Drupal CMS. Providing a powerful, integrated search across the Tate Group websites. They also needed to develop and deploy a complex and sophisticated platform.

Despite having a skilled in-house web development and information systems team. They did not have experience of the technologies required for their ambitious project. To move forward they needed a team with extensive experience of Drupal, Varnish and Solr. Able to design and put in place a scalable infrastructure.

Tate Museums website

The Solution

Our team began by designing and implementing a new hosting and technical architecture. This was the essential foundation required for The Tate Museums ambitious project.

Once this infrastructure was complete, we worked alongside the in-house Tate web team. Designing, developing and deploying the brand-new Tate Online platform.

Due to the complex search requirements for the new platform, we employed a Solr search. This allowed us to develop a search solution which would work across all the Tate Group websites.

This work has led to a strong relationship that continues to this day. Seeing Axis12 providing the Tate Group with on-going support and maintenance.


All this work has led to a strong relationship that continues to this day and A12 are now providing the Tate Group with on-going support and maintenance.

Client Response

"In 2012 Tate re-launched its website as the culmination of a two-year project. Although Tate has skilled in-house web development and information systems teams, the technologies that we selected were not ones that we had extensive experience of: Drupal, Varnish, Solr, High Scalable infrastructure. Furthermore, the new website was to be launched on new hosting infrastructure.

We therefore selected Axis12 to help us design and implement a new hosting and technical architecture to deliver our ambitious project. They proved a more than capable partner in this complex endeavour and were on hand to make sure that we had a successful launch and to support the site in its early life. Since the launch we have now put in place ongoing support arrangements that will see his partnership continue as the site is extended and developed in the years to come."

- John Stack, Head of Tate Online.

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