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High Speed Two

High Speed Two

Helping keep the public up to speed on HS2's progress


We provided robust, fast and flexible hosting for the high-profile and high-traffic High Speed 2 site.

The challenge

HS2 launched their new website in January 2013, requiring a supplier who could provide a robust hosting solution that could be scaled rapidly in response to highly variable traffic. Interest in HS2 is fairly constant, but when the government announces new policy decisions, traffic can spike suddenly - not just page views but downloads of new statements and route maps including some very detailed and high resolution maps and plans.

HS2 website

Axis12 were tasked with providing a robust hosting platform, managing the traffic to the site, as well as providing full stress and penetration testing. Alongside this was content management. As we are experts in Drupal 7, our experience and specialist knowledge came to great effect in removing nuances and managing any issues quickly and efficiently, usually in a pre-emptive manner.

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