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Department of Health

Bringing self-service forms to the Department of Health

The Client

The Department of Health and Social Care (previously known as the Department of Health) is responsible for the government policy on health and adult social care. They aim to help people live more independent, healthier lives for longer.

The Challenge

The Department of Health needed to modernise their customer contact web form. Used by members of the public to send queries and comments (including attached additional documents), their original web form saw traffic of approximately 17,000 transactions per year.

To improve the service for the general public, the Department of Health wanted to develop the form so that it could be used for self-service, providing users with the location of key information to answer their questions. However, it still needed to provide a place for questions, comments and complaints that couldn’t be answered by the self-service function.

The form needed to integrate with their Microsoft Dynamics CRM and provide a reporting function on the user journey. It was also important that the solution met the GDS Government Standard.

The Department of Health also wanted to iterate this self-service form in the future as their provision evolved, so it was important that the solution was scalable and future-proof.

Desktop, Macbook, tablet and iPhone showing pages from the Department of Health and Social Care's customer contact form

The Solution

Our solution was to implement our Online Forms Builder for the Department of Health as it would provide them with the ability to develop a single form with a complex workflow. This service also gave them the ability to scale in the future, such as providing additional landing pages or forms as required.

Hosted in our UK based ISO 27001 certified data centres, our pre-configured Online Forms Builder helps create complex web forms. Built in Drupal it has all the functionality required to streamline data-driven operations, collecting, storing and managing information in one centralised location.

Our team started the project by working with the Department of Health to configure the workflow and integration of our Online Forms Builder to their specific needs. Their customer contact form needed to have a single-entry point but provide multiple branch points depending on their query.

It was key to the project that we developed a clear logic to provide journeys for all the required customer queries. This included those members of public whose query couldn’t not be resolved by the self-service form and would need to provide a specific question or comment.

We also ensured that the form solution integrated with the Department of Health’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM via API. Our team used a real time posting of data to Dynamics with queuing functionality. The system waits for confirmation from Dynamics before removing the data from Drupal. Using this process, if posting fails (e.g. because Dynamics is offline) there is a configurable ‘retry’ functionality.

As standard in our Online Forms Builder, we provide reporting relating to forms submissions. This includes drill down statistics on the number of forms submitted – ‘sliceable’ by dates, categories, and answers. However, to enable a more detailed behavioural analysis of user behaviour for the Department of Health, we also integrated with their Google Analytics.

Using our Online Forms Builder, we worked with the Department of Health to provide a GDS compliant complex self-service customer contact form. After the success of the initial project we also expanded the form solution to include a new landing page as the Department of Health re-branded to become the Department of Health and Social Care.

Our team continue to support the Department of Health and Social Care with their online forms provision.

Client Response

“Axis12 has been instrumental in helping us to replace our outdated web contact form, with a modern, dynamic and user-friendly interface that has been receiving high praise from GDS for its design and user-first approach. The new web form has allowed us to more dynamically respond to enquiries from the public and signposting users to the most appropriate resource without having to make direct contact with us.

- We have been impressed with the level of support we have been receiving from Axis 12, as well as their expertise and commitment to finding solutions that work for us while providing value for money.”

Department of Health and Social Care Team

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